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"Empowering People for Purpose!"  
New Beginning Worship Center of Houston, TX - FaithStreet
As an international empowerment preacher, recording artist, author, and conference host, Dr. Barry Weddle sits as President of Barry Weddle Ministries and Pastor/Founder of Miracle Life Church with headquarters in Houston, Texas. Over the past three decades, Dr. Barry has become a fixture of inspiration, hope, and new life to men and women around the world.  

Fueled by a passion for character building, life coaching, and spiritual rejuvenation, Dr. Barry merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. His candid and revealing approach has engaged followers worldwide provoking them to pursue a lifestyle of integrity, success and happiness. Wherever Dr. Barry goes, he exhorts, encourages and empowers his listeners to reach their full potential in their personal and spiritual lives. Unashamed to use his life as a teaching mechanism, Dr. Barry’s ‘in your face’ messages have drawn thousands to his conferences, often addressing millions by radio and  television.

Dr. Barry is a compassionate and caring individual who loves people and goes out of his way to be a servant who leads as opposed to a leader who serves.  In today's environment that is crucial to healthy development of leadership and those who work with leadership.  Dr. Barry has great people skills and is extremely personable.  It is difficult not to like Dr. Barry, and very easy to love him.  I count him more than a co-laborer in the gospel; I count him a faithful friend.  Dr. Barry is a man of integrity and will swear to his own hurt and not change, even if his character is falsely accused.

Dr. Barry has a heart for cultural diversity and in his ministry; he has successfully bridged the gap between races, classes, and genders. This is crucial in the post-modern world if we are to genuinely model reconciliation and reach the harvest that God intends to gather through His Church.  

–Dr. Mark J. Chironna, Bishop

"When you come to one of our services, our goal is to create an atmosphere, through praise & worship, for the Holy Spirit to fill the room. When you experience the Spirit and the Word, you will be changed forever!" -Pastor Nancy 
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Barry Weddle Ministries ® 9930 Aldine Westfield Rd., Houston, TX 77093, 713-691-0622
Empowering People for Purpose!
Introducing our Pastor,  Dr. Barry
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